Professional Diving Civil Engineer

The company was founded in 2009 by the Civil Engineer Carlos Acosta.

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1981, Carlos Acosta has the engineering degree from the University of Cantabria School of Civil Engineering (ETSICCP) located in Santander.

In 2006, he started his professional career as designer at the engineering studio Análisis Ingenieros S.L, where, during 2 years.

After this first professional experience as designer, he worked for another 2 years at Dragados S.A Construction Company in maritime construction, where he was part of the Technical Office staff and later worked as Production Manager until August 2009.

During his time at Dragados S.A, he founds the single-member limited liability company that bears his name.

In August 2009 he accepts an offer from FCC Company to lead the Technical Office of the construction of a stretch of the motorway in Gran Canaria. He works on this project until July 2013, when he decides to leave FCC and joins the Técnicas y Montajes Subacuáticos S.L Company as a shareholder. Here, he takes on the role of Technical Manager and is a member of the Board of Directors until April 2015.

He is member of the School of Civil Engineering‘s Governing Body of Las Palmas since October 2013 and he represents this group as spokesperson in the COTMAC.

Currently, he runs ACOSTASUB backed up by a multidisciplinary team comprising excellent professionals.

Carlos Acosta Soria